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✔ Type Less

✔ Do fewer mouse clicks

✔Spend less time looking for things

Speed up repetitive tasks

✔ Do fewer repetitive tasks

✔ Be more efficient & precise

✔ Make fewer mistakes

The Tools

The Toolbox already has 8 tools; You can hide the tools you do not use.

Clipboard Manager

Do you copy and paste often? Do you sometimes lose the content of your clipboard? No more losing your clips.
The clipboard manager keeps track of your clipboard history. Plain, HTML & Styled text, images and file lists.

Content Library

Do you re-use the same pieces of content? Tired of searching through your folders or emails to find it? Keep it in your Content Library. You'll always know where to find it in just a few seconds.

Colour Palette

Do you often have to choose colours? use #HEX or R,G,B colours? Google's "material design" curated colour palette contains beautiful shades of colors referenced by name and number.

Text To Speech

Did you receive a long email? come across a long article or post you want to read? Why not rest your eyes and have your computer read the text to you? Also great for proofing your work.

Special Characters & Emojis

Do you need special characters? Emojis can be a great way to add more context to your communications.

Browser Array

Do you need to monitor several websites at once? Have them all on the same screen, refreshing periodically. Choose from layouts of up to 9 browsers.

Quick Composer

If you often have to write similar emails or documents, the quick composer lets you save time by not retyping things you've typed before. Quickly compose your writing 1 sentence at a time.

Hotkey Scripts

Do some of your tasks involve you repeating the same keystrokes over and over again? Write a hotkey script and have your computer perform the sequence when you press a hotkey combination.

* use with caution *


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The Toolbox is at your fingertips

Bring it up from your taskbar / dock or with a Hotkey.

[CTRL or FN] + [~] by default


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About the Time Saver’s Toolbox

This site is for everyday professionals and entrepreneurs who want to maximize their daily efforts.  To save more of their time, a non-renewable resource, to use elsewhere in their life.

My name is Tom I am a serial entrepreneur, a dad, a husband, a peace hippie and a lover of cosmic spiritual truths. 

In my day job, I research and develop software for in-house projects and customers. 

Each week, I spend multiple hours researching and educating myself on what is out there, what other people are working on, and what amazing new tools have become available.

On this site, I will share my best findings with you, mostly centered around tools and ideas, to save us time.

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