❤ Love yourself ❤, use a clipboard manager!

If you use copy and paste functions but don’t currently use a clipboard manager ,you are the clipboard manager.  Always having to paste your clips before you copy another, thinking about a temporary place to store them.

But do you really need another job?

Great news! Your workflow can experience a boost just by adding a clipboard manager to it.

These are the ways in which a clipboard manager can help:

  1. A clipboard manager is like an assistant, remembering things so you don’t have to.
  2. No need to switch tabs or applications to paste each clip,the clipboard manager stores it until you are ready to paste.
  3. No need for messy, temporary documents to store your clips.
  4. If you think you’ll need it later, copy it to your clipboard manager.
  5. Helps you not to retype things you’ve typed before.
  6. Need a clip again? Find it without having to remember where it was originally.
  7. A well built clipboard manager is at your fingertips and easy to access.

Not all clipboard managers are created equal. The Time Saver’s Toolbox includes a solid feature-filled Clipboard Manager that saves Text Clips (formatted and plain), Images, Screenshots, and File Selections.

When you add a clipboard manager to your workflow and do the little bit required to build the habit of using it, you will soon wonder how you ever lived without it.  Give it a try… or continue to be your own clipboard manager.

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